EU-Internship at Low2High

As an apprentice working for Leybold in Cologne, the EU-Internship at Low2High was a great opportunity in both private and business terms.

Due to the big difference of the size of both companies it was very interesting
to see the work in a more family environment in the first place. I was warmly welcomed by all employees of the company and was familiarized with the processes and goals of Low2High. After a short time, I was already integrated and could accomplish the first tasks. Everything was explained to me and the helpful co-workers supported me in case of questions.

For me, the most important thing according to work is always to have the feeling of managing useful topics for the company that gets them further in their business. Even though, there were more monotonous days and more exiting days I consistently had the feeling of supporting Low2High.

Mostly, I was working together with Pontus who was always helpful and very anxious of showing me all different parts of Low2High and their operations. Therefore, I was able to spend some days in the Order Management/Purchasing/Accounting with Sabine, in the workshop and even at customers he was visiting.

Besides work, I really enjoyed the time in Gothenburg. It’s a very nice city and you can explore a lot in both, city centre and surroundings. I also met a lot of nice people with whom I went out on the weekends, did sport and hung out in my free time.

I can just recommend going abroad to anybody who is maybe in a similar situation. You get to know a lot of nice people, speak a lot of English and see how it’s like to live in another country.

I want to say thank you to the whole Low2High-Team and I wish everybody all the best for the future.

Written by Janik Leiss